Meet Audrey

I am a physics PhD student at the University of Washington, Seattle (UW). I completed my undergraduate degree at UW double majoring in Comprehensive Physics and Astronomy. As an undergraduate, I spent time as an exchange student at the University of Bristol in Bristol, UK. More recently, I was a US Fulbright Student and visiting researcher at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile in Santiago, Chile during the 2023 academic school year.

My research consists of two ongoing projects. In collaboration with Professor Boris Blinov, I am looking for the presence of correlated photon emission using a linear crystal of barium ions. We designed new methods of determining bright and dark states for each ion and the associated times at which jumps occur. Using these tools, we look for near-simultaneous jumps and calculate the probability that the observed number of near-simultaneous transitions can be explained by random, uncorrelated ion jumps.

I am also working with Dr. Ian Sullivan to correct for atmospheric distortion found in images taken by ground-based telescopes. Refraction is corrected during astrometric calibration, but in the bluer bands, this is insufficient due to differential chromatic refraction (DCR) within a filter passband. DCR stretches the point spread function (PSF) of astronomical sources, causing a differential spread of wavelengths and making them appear to shift position. Since sources have different spectra, the smearing from DCR varies. Our project solves this, providing the first image-based calibration technique, tailored to observing conditions

Outside of academics, I own two small businesses, biaNatural, an all-natural clean beauty skincare company, and GoSeeAudrey Tutoring, a tutoring company for students around Washington State. I am also the head coach for the Bellevue Junior Cheer Team and the Director of the UW Physics Program for Advanced Training in Hands-on Science (PATHS).